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Holiday '12 Part 1

Here is the full lineup for Part 1 of Holiday '12. Everything from Part 1 will be available November 16th at Midnight Eastern (9pm PST). Expect Part 2 in a few weeks. Portrait IV Tee (Tahiti, Charcoal, Black, Navy) and Script Tee (Navy, Heather, White, Black) Available at $34. Navigator Tee (Silver, Navy, Black, White) and Portrait III Tee (Black, Silver, Navy, White) Available at $34. Holiday Stamp Tee (Tahiti, Black, White, Charcoal), Vintage Goods Tee (Heather, Black) and Vintage Goods II Tee (Black, White) Available at $34. DLPHN Tee (Black, Navy) and DLPHN II Tee (White, Black) Available at $34. Triple Cross Tee (Black, Silver) and Triple Cross II Tee (White, Black) Available at $34. Waves Tee (White, Black, Navy, Heather) Available at $34. Script Crewneck (Heather, Black), Portrait IV Crewneck (Black, Heather) and Vintage Goods Crewneck (Heather, Black) Available at $60. Waves Crewneck (Charcoal, Heather, Black, Navy) and *LTD* Holiday Promo Crewneck (Black, Charcoal) Available at $60. Portrait III Hoody (Black, Heather), Vintage Goods Hoody (Heather, Black), Holiday Stamp Hoody (Black, Heather) and Japanese Splash Hoody (Black, Black) Available at $80. Waves Hoody (Charcoal, Black, Heather, Navy) and Multi Camo Promo Hoody (Black, Heather, Navy) Available at $80. B&W Waves Hoody (Black, Heather), Applique Patch P Logo Hoody (Heather, Black) and *LTD* Promo Hoody (Black, Heather) Script Zip Hoody (Black, Heather) and Applique Patch Splash Zip Hoody (Heather, Black) Available at $80. Canvas and Leather P Logo Varsity Jacket in Black Available at $200. Canvas and Leather P Logo Varsity Jacket in Navy Available at $200. Gradient Dolphin Card/Coin Pouch in Seagreen Leather Available at $65. Navigator Card/Coin Pouch in Ocean Blue Leather Available at $65. Triple Cross Card/Coin Pouch in Gray Leather Available at $65. Circle Pouch in Blue Canvas Available at $50. Circle Pouch in Pink Canvas Available at $50. Circle Pouch in Navy Canvas Available at $50. Anchor & Wheel Socks (Gray, Black, Navy) Available at $14. Holiday '12 Pin Pack Available at $10.

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